Once your board is layed out, give it the last finishing checks before you submit it to AISLER. Already have everything covered, skip to the next step.

1. Make a Design Rule Check (DRC)

Make a design rule check in Eagle

Click Tools > DRC.

Download our design rule file for Eagle here:

Select a design rule file in Eagle

Select our design rule file and then click Check. The design rule check will then alert you about problematic areas that could break your circuit, for example traces that are too close together, overlaps, too little space to the side of the board, etc.

2. Fill up blank areas with copper (optional)

Filling up blank areas with copper in Eagle

Right click on the area that needs to be filled and select Ratsnest. This should fill the required areas with copper. 

3. Make sure your board outlines are actually lines

Making sure board dimensions are lines in Eagle

When you draw your board outlines (board dimension layer) make sure they are lines not rectangles. Otherwise it will not be rendered or manufactured properly.

Pro Tip: If you are using a template, e.g. for an arduino shield, you should already be covered.

Next step: Uploading your project to AISLER