The Maximum PCB Size is 570mm x 400mm

The Minimum PCB Size is 5mm x 5mm

The following design rules should be respected if you want to manufacture your PCBs with us.

a - min. trace width: 100 μm
b - min. trace spacing: 100 μm
c - min. trace pitch: 200 μm
d - min. spacing trace / trace: 100 μm
e - min. spacing trace / via-pad: 100 μm
f - min. spacing trace / ground plane: 200 μm
g - min. spacing trace / BGA-pad: 100 μm
h - min. spacing via-pad / via-pad: 100 μm
i - min. spacing via-pad / ground plane: 100 μm
j - min. spacing via-pad / BGA-pad: 100 μm
k - min. spacing ground plane / ground plane: 200 μm
l - min. spacing PCB edge to trace: 300 μm
m - min. spacing PCB edge to pad: 300 μm
n - min. spacing PCB edge to ground plane: 300 μm

spacing via to via: 300 µm
spacing drill to drill: 150 µm
min. drill diameter for vias: 200 µm
min. via pad diameter: Via drill + 250 µm
-> min. annular ring size: 125 µm

Please also note that these rules are the bare minimum that we support. If you can leave some safety margins in your design, the PCBs will be more likely to work the way you intended them to. What is a good Layout? -> Go to Guide for PCB Layout

Millings of any shape, defined on the boardoutline layer are support down to 1.000mm

Elongated holes defined on the plated/ non-plated holes layer are supported down to 0.450mm

Please note that burried, blind or tented vias are not supported.

The design rules stated above apply to 2-Layer as well as our 4-layer boards.

The stackup for 4-Layer Boards is shown in the graphic below.

How should I name my layer-file? -> Go to file-naming

What manufacturer parameters are my board produced with? -> Go to Specifications

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