Yes we do! Elongated holes are no problem for us.

If you want plated slots / elongated holes, you can just define them on you plated through hole layer.

But there are also two other ways to define slots in your favorite EDA tool:

1) Draw your slot with a thick aperture. If the aperture is greater than 0.8mm we automatically detect any kind of cut outs inside the board outlines.

2) Draw your slot as a path. Please make sure your path is continuous and closed. In other words, it does not contain any gaps and the first point is same as the last point. Ideally the paths elements thickness is zero. But every thickness smaller than 0.8mm will work.

Note that the minimal size we support for cut outs is 0.8mm. Everything smaller than that will eventually show up in the board outline, layer but not on the milling layer.

To verify whether your design will be manufactured correctly, your slots should something like the following in our pcb preview.

The blue and the green lines indicate the milling path for the 2.4mm and the 0.8mm cutting tool respectivly.

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