This tutorial shows you how to export your project as a Gerber-Package. Please make sure you zip your Gerber-Files.

This is the catch-all tutorial for everyone that does not use FritzingEagleAltium Designer or National Instruments Ultiboard.

Most important design rules

Don't go lower than these design rules to get optimal results with AISLER's production.

  • Min. trace width: 100 μm
  • Min. trace spacing: 100 μm
  • Min. pitch between traces: 140 μm
  • Spacing PCB edge to trace: 200 μm
  • Spacing via to via: 0.30 mm
  • Spacing drill to drill: 0.15 mm
  • Min. drill diameter for vias: 0.2 mm
  • Min. via pad diameter: Via drill + 0.25 mm
  • Min. stroke width of legend print: 100 μm

Exporting Gerber Files

AISLER expects the gerber files in the following format:

project_name.toplayer.ger Top Layer
project_name.bottomlayer.ger Bottom Layer
project_name.topsoldermask.ger Top Soldermask
project_name.bottomsoldermask.ger    Bottom Soldermask
project_name.topsilkscreen.ger Top Silkscreen
project_name.bottomsilkscreen.ger Bottom Silkscreen
project_name.toppaste.ger Top Paste (Stencil)
project_name.bottompaste.ger Bottom Paste (Stencil)
project_name.boardoutline.ger Board Outline
project_name.xln PTH Drills (plated holes drills)
project_name_npth.xln NPTH Holes (non-plated holes drills)
project_name.internalplane1.ger Internal plane 1
project_name.internalplane2.ger Internal plane 2


Make sure that in your export settings you select 2:4 precision and inches for your drill files.

Please note: Upload all your Gerbers in one ZIP-File for us to automatically detect your project's parameters. Also please do not include any other files that are not listed above.

Steps to upload your project to AISLER

  1. Navigate to Start new project
  2. Upload your Gerber zip-file (*.zip)
  3. Give your Project a nice name
  4. (optional) order a copy of your board

Steps to document your Bill-of-Materials

There are two ways to document your bill-of-materials

  1. Navigate to the project you want to document
  2. Click the 'Edit' button under the Bill-of-Materials section
  3. Click 'Manually add part' and assign a part
  4. Repeat until you have everything documented