How can you get your  team on AISLER for Teams

1. Request access by clicking the button below.
Request Access

2. Once you are approved, you can  invite all of your team members to your Organization
3. Start uploading your projects and collaborate.

How can I invite my colleagues?

Go to Account -> Repositories

Next to your organization's repositories you will find a button Invite users
When you click on that button, you will be redirected to a new page. Just enter your colleague's email address and name and he will receive an email with your invitation to join your organization.

How do I share projects with my organization?

First of all: All projects that you upload will initially be private projects that only you can access.


To share a project with your team,  simply click on the Edit button on the right top side of your project's page.

Then select the team's repository you want to move it to.

What happens to my private projects?

All your private projects will stay private. Also, all new projects that you upload will stay private as well. Afterward, you can choose to share the project with your team. Only then your colleagues will be able to see the projects.

 How do I order a project?

Simply navigate to the project you want to order, select the right quantity and whether you want to order Precious Parts and a Stellar Stencil as well. Then click Checkout and Pay. The order will be sent to production right away. You don't have to worry about payments. The price will be added to your team's weekly invoice and will be taken care off by the person responsible paying the bills ;-)