Please stick to the names in this table, as our system won't recognize the files, if they are not named correctly.

project_name.toplayer.ger Top Layer
project_name.bottomlayer.ger Bottom Layer
project_name.topsoldermask.ger Top Soldermask
project_name.bottomsoldermask.ger    Bottom Soldermask
project_name.topsilkscreen.ger Top Silkscreen
project_name.bottomsilkscreen.ger Bottom Silkscreen
project_name.toppaste.ger Top Paste (Stencil)
project_name.bottompaste.ger Bottom Paste (Stencil)
project_name.boardoutline.ger Board Outline
project_name.drills_pth.xln PTH Drills (plated holes drills)
project_name.holes_npth.xln NPTH Holes (non-plated holes drills)
project_name.internalplane1.ger Internal plane 1
project_name.internalplane2.ger Internal plane 2