Projects on AISLER are organized in repositories which contain one or more projects. If you would like to add multiple sketches to your repository, please follow this tutorial.

1. Open the original Sketch

Open the original Sketch and save it with a new name.
Open original sketch

2. Select a single board to export

Next step is to select the board you do not like to export. Using your mouse select the whole board and hit ⌘-Backspace on Mac or Delete on Windows/Linux to delete.
Be careful: Do not copy the board because that way all connections will be lost in the other views.

Select PCB

3. Save the Sketch

Do Step 2 for all boards execpt the one you want.
Now when one board is left. Save your Sketch.

Save New PCB

4. Redo the process

Repeat this step for every single board.

5. Ready to go!

You can now upload all previously created Sketches to AISLER.

Pro Tip: Name the repository after your original Sketch and give the single PCBs distinctive names to recognize them later.