All of your Beautfiul boards will come with:

- green soldermask,
- white top and bottom legend,
- 1 oz/ft^2 copper
- and will have ENIG surface plating.

We only use high-class FR4, 1.6mm TG150 material.

All boards are fully RoHS/REACH compliant

All of this and unlimited vias, pads, etc. is included in our flat price. We only charge by board dimension, not technologies used.

Millings of any shape, defined on the boardoutline layer are support down to 1.000mm

Elongated holes defined on the plated/ non-plated holes layer are supported down to 0.450mm

Please note that burried, blind or tented vias are not supported.

We support from 1 up to 4 Layers

Silkscreen resolution is 125 µm

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