Something doesn't quite look right or we could not process your files automatically?

- Don't worry we got you.


Usually there are some quick fixes for your problem. You might want to have a look at the following checklist to make sure your data can be precessed correctly.

1) 'Outline is missing or was not found' / No pth-/ npth holes are displayed

- For gerber files, most often an incorrect filenaming is the cause for this issue.

Therefore please check if all files are named correctly:

Also make sure the drill files you uploaded are formatted in the excellon file format and the Gerber


- For native EDA files such as KiCad or EAGLE, check if there is a boardoutline defined. It should be defined on the 'Dimensions' layer for Eagle and on the 'Edge Cuts' layer for KiCad.

Should the problem persist, please write us an email to