In DesignSpark's PCB view, select the Menu item:

Output -> Manufacturing Plots or Shift+P

Output Manufacturing Plots

Click Device Setup

This sets the General Commands and Options, click OK

Now click Add Plot...

Click Gerber

This will add a new Plot (Plot 1) in the Plots: List.

Change the Plot Name to boardoutline, click the Layers tab, double click the [Board Outline] line to change the option to Y

In the Plots: list deselect:

  • Top Documentation
  • Top Copper (Paste)
  • Bottom Copper (Paste)

There are some issues with the drill settings in the Gerbers

Check that the Plot From: and Plot To: values match those in 'boardoutline'.

Change the Offset By: values to 0.0000 and 0.0000

Click the Options... button

Then click the NC Drill... button

Set the Integer: value to 2 and the Decimal: value to 4


Finally click Run - this will start the export.

Navigate to the directory that the plots have been saved to, zip up the files:

Now go start a new project