The price for electronic parts can sometimes be drastically cheaper when you buy more parts than you actually need.

This can mean that buying 100 pieces of a certain part can be cheaper than buying just 10.

The price is lowered once a certain part count is reached. We always check how increasing the part quantity to the next interval would change the price. If the higher part count doesn't increase the overall price by more than 2 Euro, we order the larger quantity for you, so you have some spare parts.

Heres an example:

Let's say your project needs 40 resistors that each cost 0.08 Euro, so 3.20 Euro in total. When you order 100 resistors, the per piece price is only 0.0034 Euro, so ordering 100 pieces would actually be a lot cheaper.

Yes, this is an extreme example, but it actually occurs quite frequently.

Heres another example:

You need 2 ICs that cost 1.50 Euro each, so 3 Euro in total. 5 ICs (at 0.90 Euro each) would cost 4.50 Euro, so just 1.50 more. In this case, we would also order 5 instead of 2 ICs.


One Set of Precious Parts is for one PCB, so if you want Parts for three PCBs, please choose a quantity of three.

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